18. Oktober 2016

img_3697Today, our day began with a birthday song for our colleague Julia. Towards the Kita Klambrar we looked at the historical saltfish dry place. Today there children play.

In the day we were warmly greeted with a breakfast of Jónína and her team.

Subsequently, the issues of child rights, democratic education and inclusion were on the program.

children’s rights

img_3959rechteChildren’s rights are enshrined in law since Iceland, 2013. In team a clearly positive attitude towards it is discernible that finds himself in the educational work. The focus is on Sections 12, 28 and 29 of international children’s rights.



In the center of EDC looks Klambrar empowerment (empowerment) and self-efficacy.


Each child is allowed to go in the establishment of free choice. The device must then be the child, not the child adapt the device. The implementation thereof, in particular the methods, let us tomorrow all together.