erasmuslogoEducators in Kindergardens the first training partner for children before they enter school. Kindergardens are considering their quality and Educators in addition to the parents. This important educational task with a large responsibility framework is enhanced in terms of global issues in society, economy and environment. A look at other countries and the comparison with other european ideas and projects to create this global issues is very important. This project choose the exchange with Iceland. There has education of children a high priority and a good reputation. Kindergardens are considering their quality. This is related to the training, but also with the appreciation that Educators is met with.
The aim is not only the mutual exchange of experience about what can be high-quality education before school, but also the anchoring of innovative ideas regarding open work or within the understanding of democracy, to give just two aspects. At the level of the support structure, a comparison of organizations and finance is desirable.
A total of 28 Educators from both countries will meet within two years four times. In addition to the shadowing in the educational work at the child, there is also the possibility of the participation of lessons in the other country. In addition, a creative mix of methods will help to utilize the professionalism on both sides profit. The knowledge gained in the project are provided a broad (specialist) -Publikum on regional and national levels continuously available. But above all, parents and children will benefit from the results , because the knowledge and good projects are implemented on both sides in the daily pedagogical work . This gives the slogan ” Children are our future ” sense and strength .